Cath Rolinson

Cath Rolinson is an artist and web developer working in Nottinghamshire. 

“I am interested in the landscape around me, including the natural landscape and man-made buildings and structures in it” 

“IT must be one of the most creative ways of using science and technology and I have been able to use emerging technology in a large number of environments, ranging from business applications to one-off events and festivals.”


My acrylic paintings allow me to explore the use of colour due to the dense pigmentation and enable a wide use of surface treatments to be used. I am currently painting cityscapes and am struck by how a city often has its own unique style and range of colours.

Botanical Illustration

I have studied Botanical Illustration for a number of years and worked in a range of media, including acrylic, coloured pencil, pen, pencil and watercolour. Most of my work is in watercolour using traditional techniques. The forest in Nottinghamshire provides a rich source of subjects, particularly in autumn, when the fungi emerge from the forest floor.


The development of a website involves close collaboration so that the technology, content and style come together to deliver the information needed in an appealing way. I am happy to work with designers to produce a website using standard web content editors, so that you may continue to update your own website after delivery. An example of a website that I have produced is for the Museum of Timekeeping at Upton, near Newark, Nottinghamshire

Talks & Demonstrations

I am available to give talks and tuition to groups accessible from North Nottinghamshire. I paint in both acrylic and watercolour in a range of subjects – landscape, cityscapes, fungi, plants, flowers, botanical illustration, historical buildings, modern buildings and colour.

Colour Psychology

  • How can use of colour change people’s view of your painting? A demonstration of acrylic painting techniques such as under-painting, colour palettes and colour placement, with optional workshop.
  • Using the colour palette and paintings of L S Lowry and John Constable to illustrate research on colour psychology.

Botanical Illustration

  • What are the techniques used to produce these detailed paintings, in a medium valued for freedom of expression? A demonstration of botanical illustration watercolour techniques, for example observation, measurement, drawing, tone and colour, with optional workshop.
  • Illustrated with completed work in a number of mediums and the fungi paintings of Beatrix Potter.


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